Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekly Tournament

I finished last weeks Weekly Tournament with 24,000+ chips. You know what I got for it? Interestingly enough, I don't either.

Zynga says "the top 20% will split the purse". Hmmm....It stated that I finished in the 'Top 0%'. Does that mean I won? Not likely. I was playing with several opponents with more chips than me at my table.

With the new good looking interface improvements they made, it would be fairly easy to include a small section showing the player how much of the purse they received, or what place I finished. At least show me a percentage chart. I can do the math.

Looking at my account, it was most likely less than 10k. Not much of an incentive. I spend 5x that for 1 leisurely sitngo tournament.

Perhaps i should stick to those.

Strike Strategy


  1. dang that sucks!doesnt seem like it was worth your time

  2. Thanx Brandi,

    I'm not sure it was either. But if you read the Weekly Tournament Part 2 post and the How not to Lose 2/3 of your Chips post, you will learn some valuable info that can make you very successful in this game.

  3. where do my 22million chips go?..i hav 22million chips before i enter the weekly tournament..but suddenly now became 1000..will it be back to me?

  4. take the challenge with other 5 buddies and get 10k each. the challenge reward is 100k if all you rank in the top 5%.

  5. Good advice. Now if only I can keep enough chips to stay in the top 5%....


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